How It Started | شروعات 


After the positive response we received from Phase 01, we started to envision a space that hosted art and cultural activities that were not feasible to host in the open space. And so, came the Pakistan Chowk Community Centre.

The Centre is a two-room space inside a heritage building called Sultani Mahal, approximately 30 feet from Pakistan Chowk. The space facilitates the residents of Old Town by encouraging social engagement, networking and civic engagement.

Our goal with the community centre is to bring the residents of Old Town together by engaging with literature, the arts and culture. The community centre can be utilized by the community of Old Town for book launches, baithaks, town hall meetings or as a space which facilitates research. Legal counselors will also be available to assist the locals once a week, free of cost. One of the two rooms can hold art exhibitions, qawwalis and small gatherings. The second room is a designated workspace, equipped with tables, chairs, WiFi and resources that can assist in research.

The Pakistan Chowk Community Centre has been established for the people to engage with arts and culture that they have lost out on. With the atmosphere becoming increasingly commercialized in Old Town, the need to bring art and culture to the forefront of public life is becoming a pressing need.

The Community Centre hopes to establish a link between the people and the arts that keeps the fire burning.