PCCC | پاکستان چوک کمیونٹی سینٹر


Pakistan Chowk Community Centre is a two-room space housed on the first floor of the historic Sultani Mahal Building in Old Town, Karachi. It is approximately 30 feet from Pakistan Chowk, and faces the Saranagati Building.

The Centre provides a space for community engagement, along with formal and informal meetings. The Centre aims to facilitate arts and writing workshops and classes. It will run from 9am to 6pm, Mondays-Saturdays. One room will serve as a baithak, a space for literary events and discussion, while the other room will serve as a work space.


  • Equipped with minimal furniture.

  • Small exhibitions, mushairas, qawwalis, small pop-up art galleries can take place here.

  • Wi-Fi enabled.

  • There will be legal counselors present at the Centre, once a week to provide advice to the locals free of cost.  

  • It will also act as a reading room


  • Equipped with chairs, tables and books to assist people who prefer a quiet space to do their own work.

  • Wi-Fi enabled.

  • Round-table meetings, study groups and reading groups can take place in this space.