Old Town Mapping Project | سڑک چھاپ

old town mapping.png

The Old Town Mapping Project seeks to create an archive of  the various heritage sites in Old Town, Karachi as well as the changes made to them.

This project will map out the different communities of Old Town, their environment and legacies for preservation and documentation. The goal is not only to mark the physical details of Old Town, but also to explore the social and political intricacies of the area. This will be done by documenting sacred spaces, public and private institutions, open spaces, famous landmarks, gastronomy and built environments which include low-rise and high-rise structures. Additionally, by marking street names, one can see patterns of change that have occurred over time. Increased commercialization has obstructed what Old Town used to be.

The mapping project hopes to document whatever is left of it before commercial activity takes over all of it.