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Basila and the Street Crew- A Discussion With The Creators

  • Pakistan Chowk Community Centre 1st Floor, Sultani Mahal Building, Kutchery Road Karachi Pakistan (map)


Basila and the Street Crew- A Discussion with the Creators of the Comic Book.


Basila and the Street Crew is one of Azcorp Entertainment’s breakthrough comic books. While it focuses on various societal issues, it draws attention to a very important theme of social inclusion by introducing a transgender character. Riffat Apa, the aunt of the protagonist, is the leading character. She also shares the same passion for the country and her surroundings like Basila.


With various incidents of transphobia reported every day in Pakistan, the need to normalize their existence is ever crucial.

“More than anything, the transgender community of Pakistan wants acceptance”, said Anain Shaikh, the co-creator and illustrator of Basila and the Street Crew. “We've aimed to neither glorify nor victimize a transgender person but to rather show them in everyday roles such as a parent, or a mentor", she added.


The aspect at large that Basila and the Street Crew aims to highlight though, is active citizenship and civic participation. Through this series, the idea that any citizen regardless of his/her social status, ethnicity, gender, race, or religion, can volunteer to make a difference. Targeted at teens and young adults, the comic book aims to invoke a sense of responsibility within its readers, so the future of this country can collectively work towards its betterment, with the resources they have.


About Azcorp Entertainment:

Azcorp Entertainment works in the space of Edutainment and makes comics for kids, teens and young adults along the subjects of civics, gender equality, diversity, inclusion, tolerance, and other similar themes important to social discourse.


Join us on Friday, the 15th of September, as we sit down with Anain Shaikh and her team as they discuss the comic book's characters and their significance in a transphobic society. The discussion will be followed by a Q/A session where the audience can engage with the creators of the comic.


This event is FREE and OPEN to all. Donations are appreciated.