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Story-Telling Session by Rumana Husain

PCCC's Literary Corner

'Soch Siyahee | سوچ سیاحی '


Story-Telling Session by Rumana Husain 

Story-telling is a thought-provoking and interactive activity that has lost importance over the years. This session will try to revive that culture and will tell participants 5 - 6 different Urdu stories for children mainly. These stories are light, and humorous which allows for an interesting story-telling session. 

The Story-Books that will be read out in the Session:

1. Something Black and White
2. Sheema Kirmani
3. Anmol-Rang
4. Chuha Phira Ari Bari
5. Laddu Paida Hoa
6. Laila Aur Munni Ghuriya

There are no registrations or signups for this event! They are welcome to walk-in!

Brief Introduction about the Artist
Rumana Husain has written and illustrated over 60 children’s books for several publishers including Oxford University Press, Danesh Publications, ERDC, Kathalya Publications (Nepal), Nami Children’s Books (South Korea), Butterfly Works (The Netherlands), Pratham Books (India) and the Bookgroup, which she co-founded in Karachi in 1988. She is also Trained as a graphic designer, she has had an evolving career: from teaching art to making fabric-toys and quilted artwork, as an innovative school head, teacher-trainer, book illustrator and writer. She is the author of a coffee-table book: ‘Karachiwala - a subcontinent within a city’ (2010) and ‘Street Smart – professionals on the street’ (2015), both published by JAAL. She co-founded NuktaArt - a bi-annual art magazine, published for ten years, of which she was Senior Editor. She worked as Head, Activism & Outreach at the Children’s Museum for Peace and Human Rights from 2001 to 2008, and was teaching at and also heading the CAS School from1986 to1996. Rumana Husain is an Honorary Director on the Board of the Children’s Literature Festival (CLF), Honorary General Secretary of the Karachi Conference Foundation, and a Founding Member and Member Executive Committee of the Society for I Am Karachi (IAK). She has been a project champion for one of IAK’s core projects - Wall Paintings - around Karachi city. 

Date: 16th-November-2018
Timing: 5 pm-6:30 pm
Location: Pakistan Chowk Community Centre

For children below 17!

This event is FREE FOR ALL!

Looking forward to meet you!