‘City’ is a word used to describe almost anything.
— Deyan Sudjic, The Languages of Cities

We're here to collaborate with you to bring Arts, Culture, and Community to Old Town, Karachi.

To provide a space for community engagement, advancement of arts and culture, and  democratic and literary discourse in Old Town, we are working to set up the Pakistan Chowk Community Centre. 


The Chowk | چوک

In December 2016, we rehabilitated Pakistan Chowk, a public square in the heart of Old Town, Karachi at Kutchery Road. This has transformed into a place of active community participation with events of storytelling, art fairs and many more.

This initiative hopes to create a community space that works towards reviving arts and culture in Old Town.

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The Centre | سینٹر

Housed on the first floor of the historic Sultani Mahal Building, located approximately 30 feet away from Pakistan Chowk, the Community Centre aims to provide a space where various forms of art and culture are available to all members of the community; a space that the residents can take ownership of, experiment with and use to boost social cohesion and democratic discourse amidst the community of Old Town.

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