Thajba Najeeb's Visit to PCCC

On 16th & 17th of December, 2017, Bahrain based artist Thajba Najeeb conducted two short events through the Pakistan Chowk Community Centre for the artists' community. 

Thajba was such a delight to meet with. She surrounds herself with a positive evergy which is almost contagious. The meet & greet with her on the 16th of December was at the centre and a few of the artists from the locality participated. It was such a beautiful afternoon, where Thajba shared her work and experiences with the artists, and in turn the artists shared their own.

A little weak in spoken Urdu, Thajba did not let her linguistic limitations be any factor in restricing dialogue with the participants. It was an exciting event.

"Paint Your Mind" was a workshop that Thajba conducted the very next day i.e. 17th December, 2017. This was an outdoor workshop where participants were guided by Thajba to draw inspiration from their surroundings & draw free hand.

It was an exciting evening at the Pakistan Chowk & Thajba seemed to enjoy her visit as well.

She describes her visits as follows:

"My experience.. from walking up those red stairs to sitting under the tree in the middle of the  hustling bustling streets pf Pakistan  Chowk... was a true and new experience for me. I love the passion students, teachers,mentors and creatives have to restoring the image of these long forgotten monuments. Personally a new challenge was to refocus all my energy  whilst getting distracted and working in an uncontrolled environment.


I look forward to working towards creating a festival event with onsite painting, food and chai where a beautiful  half day can by spent basking in the sun, conversing, painting and creating by expression. 

I have many ideas of collage workshops  inspired by buildings.. acrylic workshops- all student oriented... but need to plan it out...and will send proposal to you once i organise it with nadia asap.

Thank you very much to you for your effort, time and energy spent towards this and for this opportunity. I look forward to having a blossoming relationship with you on this front."

Thank you Thajba Najeeb for bringing to PCCC your positive aura; we hope to host you again soon!